Letter to The Editor: Vote David Reagor For County Council To Protect Our Rights And Our Freedom

By Retired Congressman Bill Redmond
Congressional District 3
Los Alamos

It’s time for creative diversity on the County Council. Though there are thousands of registered Republicans and other conservatives living in Los Alamos, their voice is absent on the County Council.

Not a single council member is Republican. As shown by history, single party control of any governing body, in any nation, at any level, is inherently dangerous to citizens. It’s time to elect at least one Republican to the County Council for the sake of open and healthy debate. One party rule is stifling to creative diversity of ideas, solutions and to the rights of citizens.

As a young Democrat citizen I was inspired by the words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Two political generations later, ignoring the bravery of rank and file registered Democrats, the Democrat Party and contemporary Democrat leadership has little to offer but fear without hope.

Democrat one-party dominance over 75+ years in New Mexico has progressively impinged on the Creator-given rights as affirmed by Thomas Jefferson, (the patron saint of the Democrat Party), in the Declaration of Independence – the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Jefferson states in the Declaration that the express purpose of any government is to “secure” these Creator-given rights, not to infringe them.

Recently, Jane Fonda said that COVID-19 was “God’s gift to the Left”. Indeed, with our Governor’s public health orders, we now have first hand experience with the impact of government overreach, intrusion, and taking away of our basic freedoms. Regarding COVID-19, reasonable caution, yes. Fear-driven closure, no.

Our basic rights to work, go to school, freedom of religion, and peacefully assemble have been severely restricted. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been constrained. We have seen closures of churches and small businesses, while large corporate retail stores remain open. This era of mandates favoring the rich and orders which constrain the poor, middle class families, workers and taxpayers by obstructing their rights under the constitution has got to end. Local governments must find solutions that protect our rights and our freedom as well as our health. It is imperative that we elect those like David Reagor, who share this worldview and perspective.

Ever since I moved here a few decades ago, Los Alamos has greatly benefited from conservative leadership. This has led to a pleasant safe community served by our utilities and roads, all maintained by our great public employees.

We have seen the County end its relationship with the social services provider Family Strengths Network, despite widespread praise for a cost effective organization. We have seen a string of business closures leaving a community full of abandoned buildings that have remained this way for many years. Businesses have not been able to open through a wave of government opposition. There’s no reason a small town with a National Laboratory should not have a robust, thriving economy and community with many restaurants, shops, and LANL spin-off ventures. We need David Reagor who has such a vision for our town.

Every community in America has the right to have a city or county council of the people, by the people and for the people representing ALL view points not just the viewpoints of one dominating political party. The government should protect our rights, not take them away.

David Reagor is a conservative candidate for the County Council who will stand up for the rights of everyone in the county to go to work, practice their religion, and have a safe social life. He appreciates the need for the county government to treat every resident equally and to conduct our business with fair open processes.

Please vote for David Reagor to be the peoples advocate on the Los Alamos County Council.

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