Climate Change

Climate change has always occurred and always will. There are substantial natural forces, solar activity, meridian oscillation, etc. driving climate change. The proof of this is to look at the last few decades. Large countries that used to be clearly third world have carried out nationwide electrification campaigns. China claims to be 100% electrified. Brazil claims have electricity in 99% of homes. India, Pakistan and Indonesia are only a decade behind China and Brazil. This has happened over much of the world and now the world bank reports that 7 out of 8 people have electricity in their home. At the same time global warming has slowed relative to the mid-1900s. Why does the large new third world carbon dioxide emission budget not affect climate? The answer is that the last few solar cycles have been weaker than those in the mid-1900’s.

The interpretation that the 1900’s warming was natural implies that the alarmist climate models have always overstated the manmade effect.


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